Lumi Lights

Latest Versions

Lumi Lights DEV

In-development Canvas custom rendering pipeline for visual fidelity improvements. Supports volumetric lighting, clouds, reflections, ambient occlusion, and more.

Compatible with:
For 21w10a+: Canvas version 1.0.1517 (github)
For 1.16: Canvas version 1.0.1492 (github)

Lumi Lights wip

Base Lumi Lights pack with base pipeline and experimental shadow-enabled pipelines. PBR extension support is included.
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Lumi PBR Ext wip

PBR extension adds roughness and metalness support into material shaders. This base PBR Ext pack contains materials for vanilla.
Requires Lumi Lights.
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Lumi Lights OG

The original version of Lumi Lights. Created to enhance vanilla lighting and adds various simulated specular light to enhance the visual appearance of Minecraft using limited featureset of early Canvas.

Compatible with: Canvas version 1.0.1267 (curseforge)


Get support from fellow users, post screenshots, report issues, make suggestions, and more in the Lumi Lights discord community.